For the Doctor/Dentist


RestWell can send a disposable night owl testing device to your patient which can be programmed for up to 10 testing opportunities on it or RestWell can place a reusable unit in your office which costs $159 per quarter if not used at least twice during the quarter. If you do test > twice per quarter then the $159 is waived.

New Patient Consult is $125

Testing is $135

Patient can pay 260 at their consult (125+135 testing)

Follow up patient is 75+ (50 interpretation for study interpretation fee)

If you would like a unit in your office for testing patients who have already had a consultation, the patient can pay the $135 for testing at the time of picking up their unit from your office through my merchant link below which is also on this website. When the patient returns the device to your office,  your practice uploads the data to the portal, notifies me via email then I read it. I invoice your practice $50 for the interpretation. In this scenario, patients would then only pay the $135 at the time they pick up the unit. With this option, it is imperative they have follow up for continued management with either you and or their pcp. 

Here is my merchant link below for the testing 

Merchant Link

If your practice doesn't want to bother with collecting the testing fee of $135 with my merchant link or paying $50 per interpretation, then patients can have a consultation with Dr.Battle. She will then charge the patient for both their consultation and testing at the time of their initial virtual visit ($125+135). Then at their follow up, they would pay for the follow up virtual visit and the interpretation fee ($75+50). 

Last but not least, patients can opt to use insurance through Dr.JBA, the insurance virtual practice. However, the reason I created RestWell is to keep cost down. Since RestWell does not have any insurance contracts, RestWell is able to offer lower pricing.  With RestWell, patients can choose to go a more personalized self pay route which provides faster access to evaluation and treatment without insurance barriers. However if patients want to use their insurance, then Dr. Battle can see them through Dr JBA, her virtual insurance practice.