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Restless Legs Specialist


Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist Serving Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chappel Hill, and North Carolina

People with restless legs syndrome feel an uncomfortable sensation that causes an uncontrollable movement of the legs. It affects up to 10% of people in the United States and can make it hard for them to fall or stay asleep. Board-certified sleep medicine specialist Jamila Battle, MD, at RestWell in Wake Forest, North Carolina, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of restless legs. If you suspect you suffer from this condition, call RestWell, or book an appointment online today.

Restless Legs Q & A

What is restless legs syndrome?

Restless legs syndrome causes an uncomfortable feeling in your legs that triggers uncontrollable movement. The sensations and movements most often occur when you’re relaxed. 

Researchers are still investigating what causes someone to develop restless legs syndrome but theorize it may be a genetic disorder. There’s also evidence that suggests the disorder may be linked to dysfunctions in the area of the brain that controls movement.

Underlying medical conditions may also cause restless legs syndrome, such as diabetes, iron-deficiency anemia, and peripheral neuropathy. 

What are the symptoms of restless legs syndrome?

The tell-tale sign of restless legs syndrome is the uncontrollable urge to move your legs. Other symptoms include:

  • Uncomfortable leg sensations that occur while you’re at rest
  • Leg sensations that improve after the movement of the legs
  • Leg twitching while you sleep
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep because of leg movement

Restless legs syndrome also causes daytime exhaustion and sleepiness, which affects mood and concentration.

How is restless legs syndrome diagnosed?

At RestWell, Dr. Battle uses advanced methods to test and diagnose restless legs syndrome. During your visit, she first asks detailed questions about your symptoms, sleep habits, and personal medical and family history. 

She performs a physical exam and may conduct an in-office sleep screening evaluation. She may also run diagnostic tests, such as blood work, to assess iron status and nerve conduction studies to look for neuropathy.

Dr. Battle may also recommend a sleep study that monitors and records your brain activity, oxygen levels, eye movements, heart rate, and blood pressure while you sleep to confirm a diagnosis or rule out other sleep disorders. 

How is restless legs treated?

Restless legs syndrome is a treatable condition. Dr. Battle creates individualized treatment plans based on your medical diagnosis and symptoms. 

In many cases, treating the underlying cause of restless legs significantly improves symptoms, such as iron supplementation for iron deficiency. Your treatment plan may also include lifestyle changes to improve sleep habits and relaxation. 

Dr. Battle may also prescribe medications that alleviate restless legs syndrome symptoms, such as muscle relaxers, sleep medications, or medications that increase dopamine levels in the brain.

Restless legs syndrome can affect many aspects of your life. For comprehensive treatment and care, call RestWell, or book an appointment online today. 

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