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Sleep Studies Specialist


Board Certified Sleep Medicine Specialist Serving Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chappel Hill, and North Carolina

Millions of Americans suffer from a sleep disorder that interferes with their ability to fall asleep or stay asleep. Not getting enough rest while you sleep affects your mood, job performance, and relationships. Sleep studies help diagnose sleep disorders and determine the best treatments. Board-certified sleep medicine specialist Jamila Battle, MD, at RestWell in Wake Forest, North Carolina, performs many sleep studies to make an accurate medical diagnosis. To schedule a consultation at RestWell, call the office or book online today.

Sleep Studies Q & A

What are sleep studies?

Sleep studies are diagnostic tools that monitor and record various parameters while you sleep. Dr. Battle of RestWell is an experienced sleep medicine specialist and uses the most advanced methods in sleep disorder testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

She uses sleep studies to help her accurately diagnose your sleep disorder to develop the most effective treatment plan. 

Dr. Battle understands how much a sleep disorder affects your physical, emotional, and mental well-being and aims to provide therapies that help you achieve healthy sleep on a regular basis. 

Who benefits from sleep studies?

RestWell specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of many sleep disorders. Dr. Battle may recommend a sleep study following your initial consultation to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. 

You may benefit from a sleep study if you:

  • Have excessive daytime fatigue
  • Suffer from insomnia
  • Snore while you sleep
  • Have sleep apnea
  • Are a sleepwalker
  • Have restless legs syndrome
  • Have shift work disorder
  • Have narcolepsy

RestWell can provide most major sleep studies and sleep tests to diagnose your sleep condition. 

What are the types of sleep studies?

RestWell offers many types of sleep studies:

Daytime nap study

The daytime nap study gives Dr. Battle more information about your daytime sleepiness. Your study may include a sleep study that encourages you to rest and nap so Dr. Battle can evaluate how long it takes you to fall asleep and assess the quality of your naps. 

The daytime nap study may help diagnose narcolepsy.

Polysomnography (PSG)

PSG is a lab test sleep study. During the study, you spend the night at the RestWell sleep lab, where highly trained sleep technicians monitor and record your brain activity, blood oxygen levels, eye movement, heart rate, and blood pressure while you sleep. 

Dr. Battle may recommend the PSG to confirm or rule out obstructive sleep apnea. 

At-home sleep study

With advances in technology, at-home sleep studies are now an option. With an at-home sleep study, Dr. Battle provides you with the equipment and instructions you need to monitor many of the same parameters as the PSG to confirm or rule out sleep apnea.

Though that at-home sleep study provides valuable information, if your results are inconclusive or Dr. Battle suspects sleep apnea, you may need an in-lab sleep study.

RestWell also offers sleep apnea screening tests you can take at the office or at home. This screening tool helps Dr. Battle determine what sleep study may best benefit you.

To learn more about sleep studies and how they can help you get a better night’s rest, call RestWell or book an appointment online.

If you are seeking telemedicine services for a sleep issue you’re ready to put to bed then, please send us a message in the Klara message box to learn more.

Please request an appointment through the “request appointment” button then fill out the patient intake form, which is available in the Klara portal upon request. Upon completion of an intake, the doctor will either offer an appointment if your sleep issue is appropriate for her virtual practice or she will make recommendations for in person practices.