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Ask Yourself:

√ Do you have interrupted sleep?

√ Do you require an alarm to wake up and then struggle to get going?

√ Do wake up most mornings still exhausted?

√ Do you feel moody, irritable or experience poor concentration during the day?

√ Do you snore or suffer from restless leg syndrome or nightmares?

If any of the above scenarios are familiar to you, realize that you are not alone. Research studies show that approximately 25% of people suffer from some form of sleep disorder.

Frequent sleep disturbances and daytime sleepiness are also the most telling signs of poor sleep hygiene. In addition, if you’re taking too long to fall asleep, you should consider reevaluating your bedtime habits.

Rest Well | Dr. Jamila Battle

RestWell, a virtual practice located in Wake Forest and Raleigh, North Carolina, is a leading provider of sleep disorder testing and treatment. Led by multi-licensed and multi-specialist board-certified sleep medicine expert Jamila Battle, MD, the practice aims to help patients achieve healthy, quality sleep on a daily basis.

RestWell offers medically sound in-home sleep testing and evaluation of sleep-disordered breathing across the nation. To enter the practice, a referral can come in from your provider, or you can enter the patient portal on the site. If you are not from the local area, you must have a primary care provider for Rest Well to forward your treatment plan recommendations. This is because if it is determined that more extensive testing or treatment is required and you are not local, you will need a referring provider or primary care provider to link you to your local testing center. If you live in the greater Wake Forest area and more extensive testing is needed, Dr. Battle can link you to a Wake Forest or Raleigh area testing center. RestWell performs evaluations and in-home testing and prides itself on providing your doctor or dentist all the information needed for continued continuity of care.

The sleep medicine practice specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea and other sleep related conditions that effect your health. Comprehensive evaluations are also available to find the root cause of your fatigue, snoring, or ways to combat aging, mental fog, and difficulty losing weight as impaired sleep is often at the foundation of these issues/problems.

Additionally, RestWell can link patients to a durable medical equipment (DME) provider if the patient chooses to manage their sleep disorder with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP). Or if a patient does not have a dentist and wants to try an oral appliance, Rest Well can link them to a dentist trained in sleep-disordered breathing. Lastly, Rest Well does not prescribe any controlled medications.

Thanks to the advanced knowledge of Dr. Battle, RestWell offers patients one of the most advanced methods in home sleep disorder testing, diagnosis, and treatment available. To schedule a virtual consultation, call the office, or book an appointment online.

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Process/What to Expect

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Request an Appointment

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TeleMed Consult $260-$350

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Testing Device $125-$250

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Home Test Device delivery

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Post Test TeleMed Consult $125-$225

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Rx or LOMN

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Post Diagnosis Support

Home Testing Option


1. Submit Referral via portal or fax referral (919) 336-4734

2. Home testing device is $125-250 depending on test type and number of nights. Patient owns the device and thus does not have to return it. Device is shipped to the patient home by Rest Well.

3. TeleMed Consult (screen patient and sign order for testing) is $260-$350.

4. Home Test Device delivery Via Rest Well if no contraindications to HST

5. Post Test TeleMed follow up is $125-$225 which includes interpretation of the test.

6. Rx /LOMN provided for oral appliance or DME Rx for CPAP if the patient is combination therapy.

7. Post Diagnosis Support - follow up with Dr. Battle, referring provider, DME (if applicable) and or PCP for post diagnosis support and to ensure treatment is working.

Note: If a patient wants to use insurance, this is offered through my virtual insurance telemedicine clinic, Dr JBA (Dr Jamila Battle & Associates). Insurance is often more costly and may require auth for the testing which slows the process down. However, patients can choose.



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Patients are reporting less noise, less leak, better mask seal/fit, and more comfort as well as less need for a chinstrap or mouth tape using the V-Com.

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Jamila Battle Associates

Dr. Jamila Battle & Associates, PA (Dr. JBA) is a virtual insurance practice. Patients may choose to use insurance for their evaluation and testing through Dr. JBA. However if patients are looking for a more personalized approach without barriers to evaluation and treatment and often at a lower cost, Rest Well is available for a higher level of convenience, support and service- something that's harder and harder to get in this complicated healthcare marketplace.


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    "Dr. Battle is patient and doesn’t give up on anyone. She cares and helps me to live the best life I can. I have been clean, happy and free since becoming her patient."

    Lee P.
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    "Hands down the best doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting I would recommend her to anybody looking for a drug rehabilitation doctor."

    Cecil F.
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    "Outstanding experience! I think it was the best doctor experience I've ever had and I'm 52. She was so nice, caring, attentive and sharp."

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    "Extremely thorough, Excellent Professional manner, Easy to talk to, ask questions. A jewel."

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