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Jamila Battle, MD

Board Certified Sleep Medicine located in Chapel Hill, NC


RestWell | Dr. Jamila Battle

Jamila Battle, MD, is a triple board-certified sleep medicine physician practicing at RestWell in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She is licensed in 38 states and can evaluate, test, and manage sleep-disordered breathing and snoring across the country. 

Her goal is to help patients living with sleep disorders achieve a higher quality of life and more satisfying sleep. Sleep is the foundation of health and addressing sleep often leads to an improved ability to lose weight and reverse aging. 

Dr. Battle is known for her wisdom, kindness, and providing compassionate care to her patients. At RestWell, she offers diagnoses and treatments for a wide range of sleep-related conditions, including obstructive sleep apnea. 

As an expert in sleep medicine, Dr. Battle can quickly teach you to become more aware of the choices that affect your sleep so you can improve your sleep habits and ability to get a full night's sleep. 

In her spare time, she trains for triathlons and explores the relationship between sleep, resilience, disparities and the leading causes of mortality, morbidity, and disability in the United States. She speaks on various topics, and her methods integrate mind and body connections and emphasize how our lifestyles reflect our values and attitudes.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Battle and the team at RestWell, call the office or book online today.

If you are seeking telemedicine services for a sleep issue you’re ready to put to bed then, please send us a message in the Klara message box to learn more.

Please request an appointment through the “request appointment” button then fill out the patient intake form, which is available in the Klara portal upon request. Upon completion of an intake, the doctor will either offer an appointment if your sleep issue is appropriate for her virtual practice or she will make recommendations for in person practices.